Vuuzle Media Corp Already Launched Vuuzle.TV OTT Service

At the 4th quarter of 2018, Vuuzle Media Corp has already established its own OTT platform. It finally came to life after months of preparation and constant improving plans. It’s now up in the market to dominate the world as the best OTT platform for everyone.

Vuuzle TV offers several shows to valued viewers. As of now, it has 20 live shows and more channels to come within the coming days. It has FREE stream shows to watch! Yet to unlock more channels, you need to buy premium subscriptions at a very low price. The Vuuzle.TV Premium is only $7.99 per month, with already 17 available channels to watch with family and friends. For Broadcasting Plans, Vuuzle.TV has 2 subscription options — Entry, which costs $50.00 per month, and Unlimited, for only $100.00. For more information about the included features, visit this link to know about their offers.

This new global TV network is available for all types of gadgets. You may watch shows through computers, smartphones, iPads, tablets, and TV monitors with just the use of the Internet. It has an Entertainment, Travel, Lifestyle, and News channels for you to become updated and well-entertained while having your free time.

Tune in now! Vuuzle Media Corp is very much happy to launch this new venture to the world! 2018 is nearing its end; 2019 has more exciting projects to reveal. Watch out for it! As of now, enjoy live streaming events through Bonk Be.Live — that will be soon known as “Vuuzle.Live” on the next app update. Have a happy and satisfying moment too with VuuzleTV. Watch and unlock premium shows now! Go to their online magazine to get started.

Original source: News Section of Vuuzle.Live