Vuuzle Media Corp Assigns the Music Legend, Ted Joseph, as Their New CEO

Take the Flight With Ted

Having an exemplary performance in working with artists in the music industry, Ted Joseph has already established his name and his identity as one of the breakthrough personalities that helped the industry to boom. Ted has a consulting firm where he shares the cutting-edge expertise he acquired to establish a “name” in this new world of technology where we are in.

Ted is still currently working with the 3 giants — Sony, Universal, and Warner Brothers. He is creating and breaking records for the new artists of the generation, and as well as creating more hits of the music industry professionals. Also, he performs duties as one of the Board of Advisors for Apple Music.

“Perfect Fit”

Seeing his potential to bring Vuuzle Media Corp in a new high level, Ted Joseph is now the CEO of the company. John Lamb, the company president, said that Ted is the perfect person to fit that position as he already worked with the most musically-inclined talent artists in the world.

In his appointment as the new CEO, Ted will bring the limelight to the first ever 2-way streaming platform, and the 3rd leg of the company’s secret technology to the world by early 2019. These 2 new techs will complete the 3-legged tower of Vuuzle. At this moment, the MarkTech Core Team of the company, headed by “Mr. Prophecy”, is rolling out its marketing strategy to maximize the reach of the projects to the market.

Vuuzle.TV will have its own channel called “Vuuzle Fight Network” wherein they will feature live stream sports events such as boxing fights of the legends like Manny Pacquiao. It will also offer its users international channel packages for a premium price. Shows under fashion, travel, entertainment, news, and even your favorite movies will be available in the Vuuzle.TV OTT Platform.

Advertisement Traffic

Vuuzle will monetize its platforms through ad exchange that will drive traffic for its site due to commercial advertisement partnerships from well-renowned brands worldwide. Everything about the company now is getting exciting as time goes by. Aside from profit-making strategy, Vuuzle aims to deliver the best streaming experience to everyone while spending only a small amount of money than expected. This is what the world deserves.

Ted Joseph has a strong background in marketing, sales and distribution, budgeting, and publicity. These tried and tested skills of him will create a huge impact on the future brand identity of Vuuzle Media Corp. The year 2019 will be the breakthrough of Vuuzle Team together with the new CEO, Ted Joseph.

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