Vuuzle Media Corp. Holds Red Carpet Event For VFN ™

Vuuzle.TV Takes a Step Forward

The CEO of Vuuzle Media Corp., Ted Joseph, together with Ron Johnson a.k.a “The American Dream”, announced that the very own Vuuzle Fight Network™ (VFN) of Vuuzle.TV will celebrate its formal launch this 18th of January 2019 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This glamorous and glittering red carpet event is the detail revelation of the first ever fight in VFN to be featured via Vuuzle.TV 2-way OTT streaming platform. This also serves as a celebratory occasion for another milestone that the company has achieved since it started in the industry.

The event will be held just a day before the most-awaited comeback of the champ — Manny Pacquiao, against Adrien Broner for a welterweight world title battle. Moreover, Ron Johnson is set to have the first fight to be streamed live via Vuuzle.TV’s Vuuzle Fight Network ™ channel on the 2nd of February 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio.

World-Class Fights & Streaming Service

In partnership with American dream and Cleveland Boxing Club, VFN branded its featured fights as “The Next Generation”. On top of that, USA Boxing authorized and permitted VFN to hold fights.

The team will be setting up themed fights to give the new next-generation boxers to experience the professional atmosphere. VFN will provide a musical backdrop, personalized walk out theme music, ring girls, pre- and post-fight interviews, and many more. The winners will receive a personalized Vuuzle Fight Network medal.

Spectators of the fights need to subscribe for a premium package to access Vuuzle Fight Network channel under Vuuzle.TV OTT Platform. Other more livestreams and video contents from all over the world are beign shown on the platform. This streaming service is much more budget-friendly yet with good quality service in contrast to other top OTT brands. Vuuzle.TV aspires to deliver such high-quality contents to the audience without making them pay for more.

Breakthrough Year of Vuuzle

To reach more audience, Vuuzle.TV will soon be available in tablets, iPads, and smartphones as it will be put up also on App Store and Google Play Store.

As the first gala night happens this January, expect more of Vuuzle.TV’s remarkable journey all throughout the year! Vuuzle Media Corp. strongly believes that 2019 is the game-changer for the company’s success.

To get the most of Vuuzle Media, check out its live streaming application called “Vuuzle.Live” that is available in both android and Apple users. Get it for FREE from your app providers. Enjoy meeting new friends and learn from influencers streaming live. Moreover, the Clout9 social media application will soon be revealed to the world. Hang on there, Vuuzle Media Corp. is going to take over the entertainment industry in just a sweep!