What is MXC?
MXC is the pioneer IoT Cryptocurrency. Using the MXProtocol we’ve redefined the world of IoT data, enabling secure, vastly scalable, lightning fast transactions.

Everyday Challenges, MXProtocol Solutions!

The MXC “Machine eXchange Protocol” facilitates the uninterrupted exchange of information between connected devices. The intrinsic blockchain based MXC Protocol ensures devices connect to the internet using the most convenient LPWAN Gateway lying in range. This “convenience” is determined using essential factors:
  • Cost per Downlink,
  • Signal Quality,
  • Availability and
  • MXC influential Algorithmic Factors.

Machine Exchange Coin is a data marketplace for IoT gathered things which seems to be a solid project for the long-term. Passive income possibilities and IPWAN as a high potential technology could smooth the way to success. The investment of Fenbushi displays VC demand and shows that the project has already gathered international interest. The blockchain data marketplace sector is very saturated and the recently success of such data marketplaces stayed below the expectations.

What is LPWAN?

● MXC allows for a decentralized data exchange combining LPWAN technology and blockchain. The protocol facilitates exchange between devices in range or over internet where the sensors collect data from devices and send to a gateway.

● Token utility: pay for network usage and receive payments from selling data and services. Long roadmap but with first Anti-collision module already in Q4, followed by Smart Bidding and Inter-Chain Data Market. Hardware prototype already exists produced by MatchX — working company with an existing user base founded by MXC CEO Sheen Xin Hu. MXC will enable monetizing this tech and as a protocol can build on top of any permissionless blockchain including IOTA and Stellar.
LPWAN stands for Low Power Wide Access Network and allows long-range communications at a low bit rate among connected objects e.g. sensors operated by a battery. The key facts of this technology are:

  • 10-year sensor battery life
  • 20km data reach (12.4 miles) with just a single gateway
  • Enables over 60.000 connection points for a single network cell


Roadmap detail until Q4 2021

MXC Leadership Team

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