Thought of the Day

NOTE: This wasn’t actually written today, this is jotted on my Notes app on Jan 17, 2017. The following was what was lingering on my mind at this time.

Do all guys do that? Think that every girl’s opinion and decision is “tentative”, and they can always change a girl’s mind if she is pestered long enough? Do they ever stop at “No”? “No” means “No, and it’s going to be no until I say so”. Guys really hang on to the second phrase and do whatever they can in their best power to get their girls to say “Yes”. I would like my opinion to be respected, where I won’t be constantly annoyed to change my mind because they want it.

And do guys want a strong, confident girl that can speak her mind for what she believes in, or a girl that cowers and goes along with everything a guys says? I do not want to be the latter, and have myself being stepped all over. Although I am introverted, I do have an opinion of my own, and I would like to voice that and be more assertive about it, to my loved ones and others. This is completely different than being a pompous asshole, I just need to be more firm with my decisions and not be swayed by other people’s comments. I hope this isn’t a turnoff for guys, because wake up, this is 2017, equality is more than just barely existent. If you are looking for a submissive kind of girl that you can use to have your own way, you’re looking at the wrong girl. Don’t be scared, nothing should be scary about a human with an opinion, just like everyone else.

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