An Improved Interaction

The alarm app that comes with my phone used to delete my alarms after they went off as scheduled if they weren’t set to repeat. After an update, the alarms are in an inactive state after they go off if they are not set to repeat. If I turn on an alarm everyday or every Tuesday, the app will ask if I want to make this a scheduled alarm.

Overall these new functions on the alarm app make it more usable for me and I rely on it a lot more than I used to. There is still some issues with the flow of the app. I wish that I could set every day of the week in a sequence. For example Week 1 I want any alarm every Monday through Wednesday at 8:30, Thursday at 6:00, and the weekends at 9. Week 2 I need a whole different schedule, currently I would have to set 6 different alarms. I do appreciate the app learning my habits because sometimes I don’t even notice that every Sunday I am setting an alarm for 8:30 every night and I can just set a repeating Sunday alarm for 8:30.

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