How to Hack Your Resume…and Win the Job of Your Dreams

Trying to land your dream job is like trying to navigate a professional obstacle course. You have to climb career walls, breakthrough glass ceilings, wade through the muddy waters of job skills, jump through degree hoops, learn the office ropes, master the corporate ladder and get through rigorous interview hurdles.

…I’m kinda really proud of that metaphor ❤

Bottom Line: Every step from the job search to interview is so competitive it can seem impossible to stand out in a sea of skilled professionals.

Luckily, you aren’t like other candidates. Instead of complaining to your friends about how you hate your job and wish you could get a better one, you’re here learning the skills you need to hack the job search process and shine even if you’re not the most qualified applicant.

In this article we’ll teach you how find your dream job, boost your resume, and rock your interview. Whether you’re fresh out college or you’re looking for a career change, these tips will help you win the job of your dreams.

Search for the Right Job

Winning your dream job is all about finding the right opportunities. Keep these tips in mind to narrow your search as you scroll through job listings.

1. Make Sure It’s Your Dream Job

It should go without saying that you should look for jobs that you love but, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know what their dream job is.

In his Ted talk, my friend, the late Scott Dinsmore explains how people find themselves unhappy at work because they’re climbing a career ladder towards goals they never wanted to achieve and are stuck in careers that they have no passion for:

Before beginning your job search think about factors such as daily responsibilities, benefits, and company mission to make sure you’re pursuing jobs that will bring you happiness.

Action Steps:

  • List 3–5 day to day job activities that make you happy
  • List 3–5 job skills that you feel you do better than others
  • Write out your ideal work day

2. Research Company Cultures

As you’re searching for the job of your dreams, look for companies with cultures that fit your personality. Studies show that how you feel at work is correlated with your overall mood so it’s important to find jobs where you know you’ll be happy.

For example, if you’re a quiet introvert who prefers working alone, you don’t want end up at a company that requires constant collaboration among employees.

However, if you’re an outgoing extrovert, look for companies that emphasize teamwork because you love being social.

Don’t know anyone who can tell you about the culture of the company you’re applying for a job at? Check out sites like Glassdoor to read employee reviews and see how well you fit.

Action Steps:

  • Talk to mid-level employees at your ideal companies and see if their day to day is what you expected.
  • Check out your ideal company’s Twitter Profile and see if they have tweets that interest you–would you follow them if you didn’t work at the company?

3. Build Your Network

Sometimes the best jobs are the least advertised. If you’re struggling to find openings that are the perfect match for your skills and interests, attend more networking events.

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell reported that 83% of people who find their jobs through a current contact do so through people they see only occasionally, if at all. Meeting more people in your industry is the best way to build casual relationships with people who can introduce you to awesome opportunities.

Action Steps:

  • Never Eat Alone. Keith Ferrazzi has a great approach to building your network. Highly recommend reading his book.
  • Sign-up to and go to one new event each week–don’t forget these can be book clubs, hiking groups or networking events. Do something you actually enjoy and you will meet like-minded people who can hook you up with a job you will love.

Craft a Winning Resume

A study by the The Ladders discovered that recruiters only spend an average of six seconds reading resumes. With so little time, your resume has to be spot on to make the cut.

Recruiters only spend an average of 6 seconds reading a resume!

Here are five winning resume hacks:

1. Tailor Your Resume to the Job

In their study, The Ladders researchers tracked what parts of resumes recruiters’ eyes focused on. They found that after looking at basic details such names and the amount of experience, recruiters scanned for keywords that matched what they are looking for in candidates. The more keywords, the higher the likelihood the resume was put in the interview pile.

So what are the magic keywords? It varies. But there’s an easy way for you to find out. When editing your resume, carefully read through job descriptions and look for phrases that are repeated. Most likely, those are the keywords recruiters are scanning for.

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Originally published at on August 1, 2016.