It’s National Letter Writing Day!

Dear Friend,

I just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful for you reading our blog posts. You make my heart sing with happiness, you make my skin flow with gratitude, you make me feel all mushy-gushy.


Vanessa and the Science of People Team

Do you know why I wrote you this letter? Because it’s National Letter Writing Day!

Do you remember running to the mailbox as a child and getting so excited when you got a real letter? I loved getting letters from people. Nowadays, I do not run to my digital email box, and I certainly do not love getting so many emails.

Letter writing is a lost art. Writing itself is seen as an ancient activity. So today, in honor of National Letter Writing Day, I want to talk to you about the benefits of writing to someone you care about.

#1. The Power of Gratitude

First, when you write to someone and tell them something you love about them, it not only makes their day, it also makes yours. When I created our Power of Happiness course, I found that the easiest way to improve your mood was to think of what you’re grateful for — so just writing the letter will help your mood as much as theirs.

#2. Writing and the Brain

Writing accesses a very specific and different part of your brain, more than typing or speaking. When you write to someone else, not only are you engaging your brain in new ways, you’re also solidifying your feelings. So if you’re writing good things to someone good, you’re expanding and extending what already feels good. Win win win.

Your Challenge

Here’s my challenge to you: take out a piece of paper — yes, a real piece of paper — or a fancy piece of stationary and write a ‘Thank You’ note to someone if your life. I want you to thank them for a feeling they have given you.

  • Has someone made you feel good?
  • Has someone made you feel proud?
  • Has someone made you feel loved?
  • Has someone made you feel encouraged?


After all, it’s national Letter Writing Day. You can’t miss out on this incredibly important holiday. So, onward! Write and be merry.

Originally published at on December 7, 2016.

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