Science of People Podcast

Are you ready for a new way to consume our Science of People content? Don’t have time to read and want to listen as you go?

Well get excited, because the Science of People is officially on both Soundcloud and iTunes!

That’s right–we know that all of you, our wonderful readers, are different. Some of you like to read our blog posts, some of you prefer to watch our YouTube videos and many of you have requested our content to listen to–in the car, on your commute, while you’re getting ready and more.

Check us out on:

1. Soundcloud

2. iTunes

We’ve got lots of fun episodes waiting for you like:

  • What to Say to get Your Way
  • 4 Types of Difficult People
  • Body Language of Leaders
  • & lots more!

We’ll continue to add to our library, so check back frequently as we add more episodes.

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Originally published at on July 27, 2016.