Who Will You Vote For?

So we have a crazy idea. We want to know if we can guess who you will vote for in the upcoming US Presidential Election…just by looking at your personality.

Here is our hypothesis:

We will be able to tell who you will vote for just by giving you a simple personality quiz.

Want to play with us? We would love your help.

We are looking for:

  • Registered US voters. We are looking for registered voters living in the US, over the age of 18.
  • Decided voters. To make this experiment work we need 100% decided voters. Are you 100% certain who you will vote for? If so, we need your help!
  • Willing to do a video interview. Part of the experiment will be doing a video interview with our researchers. So you have to have ability to do a video call from your phone, computer or iPad in a space with good light.
  • Permission to publish your results. As part of the research, we are hoping to publish the results. This means we have to have permission from you to use your video in the research.

Contact manager@scienceofpeople.com with the subject “Election Experiment” and we will send you the covert instructions!

 The Science of People Team

Originally published at www.scienceofpeople.com on August 21, 2016.