WhatWorks? A review of Witworks’ first product

Recently a company called Witworks launched their Quirky style innovation platform in India with the launch of their own earphone cable untangler called Rewind (terrible name, but hey, maybe they were trying to take us back to some place?).

In any case, a friend of mine had posted on FB to support local innovation and since I did think this could be handy fix I decided to purchase and support these guys. Even though I was not in the market for a cable untangler.

The Rewind is a nifty, fun little piece of plastic as you can see from the images below. (image courtesy Witworks )

Looks great right? I’ve been using it for a little over a month and this is what I observed. The cable being bound like in the image only increased the strain on the cable and also made it a little harder to keep in place. I believe this particular design could have included a little groove to encase the cable inside the plastic. A butterfly like design, rough mockups below, could save the cable from unnecessary friction caused by the surroundings in which the cable is being put through.

I’m not a design or product guy so I could be wrong but I believe the ideal design would have been something very different. How would you have liked yours?

For a company that says it emphasises on design and innovation, there are a thousand examples of an “untangler” from around the world. How about an auto rewind function that has been around for ages? A little more digging could have had them deliver a much more innovative product methinks.

I sincerely hope Witworks comes up with better products, disruptive products, that could sustain a product innovation driven business like theirs. Solving daily Indian challenges and not being content with me-too products could be a great place to start.

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