We Think Women Are Better People, But They’re Not
Nikita Coulombe

So your examples are superheroes and a spy… And what do you think of Darth Vader? When he was good and called Anakin Skywalker, he doesn’t wear a mask. When he becomes evil, he wears a mask (a full suit). And he was still considered good and redeemable even after destroying a whole planet full of people… Indiana Jones? Not mask, hero, no double identity, fights the nazis… Conan? Rambo? Almost every Schwarzenegger movie? There’s a lot of examples of male heroism with no mask or double identity. Really, you need to see more cinema.

And all the historic movies? The characters have a face and a name and you studied at school. You start by telling all the good things men did, so no anonimity there. Yet, you seem to thing that no women create a thing ever. Like, I don’t know, the basis for internet (hint: Hedy Lamarr). Sorry, but your theory about anonimous good man doesn’t hold. And your theory about women doing nothing neither.

Think what you want, but maybe you need to do more research and not ignore the data that contradict your theories.

PS: The damsel in distress is the one that faces more risk that is imposed to her so the male hero could prove his heroism. Not a great role by the way and while they don’t wear a mask, usually people don’t remember their names because they are interchangeable. And yet, you thing it’s men the one underapreciated… whatever. XD

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