An Intro

Two of my biggest goals this year were to:

  1. Do something new each week.
  2. Read a book each week.

Some might call this aggressive, but having goals is how I function and diving in deep is the only way I can stick with them. I didn’t wanted to fall into the ‘work, eat, sleep’ rut, and wanted to #hackmylife in true millennial style.

Half a year in, I’m doing pretty well with my 2017 goals. I’ve been pretty consistent on the “Do a new thing each week” front. Turns out, there are a plethora of things in San Francisco that I’ve never done — I just needed to take the leap and commit to them. The “Read a book each week” has been a little iffy here and there, so I’ve modified it to “Read a book each week, and it’s ok, podcasts count too”. Adjusting expectations to maximize outcome.

So I’ve decided to take on a new thing. Every Monday, expect a write up of what new thing I did last week, and what new book (or podcast) I discovered. I can’t promise it will all be amazingly exciting, and I’m not quite sure how consistent I’d be. But hey, there’s a reason why they tell you to put your goals on public display, right?

See ya weekly,


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