Scary Movies I Watched as a Kid (And a Few I Didn’t)

Oh man, I remember when I was 5y old and my grandma just read the newspaper to check what movie I could watch in the evening. She turned on the TV around 8.15pm and after I asked her what I’m going watch she told me „Oh, there should be a nice clown movie with kids in it“.

When the commercial was still on she left the room to read a book in the kitchen which was located in a separated room on the other side of the apartment.

I was just sitting there alone, scared to move or to put my legs on the ground to leave the room, watching the complete movie „It“ by Steven King.

I remember me not screaming, but holding the pillow in front of my face most of the time.

After that I was scared to be alone in a room or to go to the bathroom at night, or to look under my bed. I sometimes get the chills. And I HATE clowns.

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