Draft Specs for “The American Party” — a pro-freedom, anti-authoritarian political party that is…
Dan Kaplan

Dan, I applaud the thought — but a question as someone who has not grown up in the US, but calls America home — what does the word ‘Freedom’ mean in this context?

Personally I find the world meaningless, or at least unhelpful in the extreme, in the most fundamental way.

From what I see, to many Americans, Freedom is used to denote the choice not to vaccinate, freedom to carry instruments of intimidation and violence, the freedom for businesses to treat those who rely on them for food and shelter, to abuse that power, and ultimately the freedom to ignore, work around or negate Federal laws and processes.

As a someone who has grown up in Europe, we see Freedom as the right to live our lives without having a gun in our face or violence threatened if we disagree. On a more everyday level, the right to live our daily lives because we have our health issues dealt with. The right to be with our kids because of paid parental leave. Even the right to have earn a living without having our privacy and life choices outside work dictated by an employment contracts via bosses who succumb to their most dictatorial thoughts.

In that context, I believe the average European truly has more Freedom on a daily basis to make real, meaningful choices in how they and their families live their life, or stay alive.

I believe the founding fathers, like the French Revolutionaries that inspired them, clearly meant Freedom to be free from servitude, free to worship (or not), free to live in a country where rule of law means just that, not what the church or single ruler may have dictated. But today Freedom seems to be used as a word to not just justify nullifying those rights, but actively suppress them.

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