Imaging and document management is so important! Especially when facing those careless colleagues…

I’ve got a careless colleagues sitting next to me. We always need to collaberate. She always forgot where the files she put and what names did she name. This situation always made us a half day to fix it out. OK fine, I can refrain from this kind of little matters. But this time, she made all the files placed in the wrong folders and the whole drive became a diaster!

I could not endure this anymore. I dedicated to find out some Imaging and document management services to stop this situation. And then I found the Imaging and document management services from Fuji xerox.

After using this, I was reborned. It’s much easier now to work with that careless colleagues. There is a myth saying that “at least one stupid teammate is around you”, so it’s really important to do a better Imaging and document management .

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