MineralsVV Minerals Has No Reason Or Intent To Make Political Connections: S Vaikundarajan

VV Minerals India’s Chairman S Vaikundarajan has come forth rubbish rising rumours about connections between VV Minerals and political parties. He reiterates that the alleged illegal beach mining scam is an attempt to mar the legacy of VV Minerals and citing political connections is just another way of adding fuel to the fire.

VV Minerals India and its down-to-earth rustic owner, S Vaikundarajan were forced to be the centre of the media attention owing to allegations of illegal beach mining activities on their premises.

The company and its owner were quick to shrug off the allegations as baseless claims made by industry rivals in an attempt to challenge VV Mineral’s number one position.

To rest the rumours once and for all VV Minerals requested the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) to conduct a full-blown enquiry into their systems and procedures.

The DAE returned with reports clearing VV Minerals of any blame for illegally mining and exporting thorium since their equipment is capable of extracting thorium.

Thus, it was made amply clear that VV Minerals or S Vaikundarajan only indulge in the legal export of garnet, illmenite, sillimanite, rutile and zircon.

However, now claims are being laid on an alleged connection between the chairman S Vaikundarajan and the governing political party of Andhra Pradesh.

VV Mineral is calling this incidence an attempt in sustaining the negative image created recently in light of the illegal beach mining scam. However, S Vaikundarajan remains hopeful of a positive outcome in the matter.