Price gouging has started in the above ground pool market

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While the shelter was still in place, I went over to my cousin’s house to go swimming with my daughter, her cousin, and my aunt. My cousin had an above ground pool set up in her backyard, which looked nicer than some of the other ones I had seen online. It was brown on the outside and blue on the inside. There was also a little window on the side and a ladder to help you climb in the pool. It was deep enough for me to swim in and shallow enough for my daughter to swim safely in it…

Learn how this startup is re-imagining your calendar to increase your team’s productivity

In this day and age, everyone is scheduling meetings online through calendar apps. You’ve heard of Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, and iCalendar, but have you heard of the newest and maybe most innovative designed calendar? This week, the fourth version of was released and you must try it out! It allows you to see when a person is available for a meeting and automatically calculates the time zones to make remote work so much easier. What’s more, it solves the problem of not knowing how efficient…

Resources available to help your business during the COVID-19 Crises

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Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs who were doing well are now suffering financial losses due to shelter-in-place orders by the US government. This is an unprecedented time in our history. Small businesses need help paying their rent and their employees so they do not have to close. Luckily though, the government, non-profit foundations, and private corporations are stepping up to help lift their financial burdens. Below is a list we compiled as a helpful guide on all of the options available now for small businesses in mainly California.

Government Assistance

Federal Government

Just yesterday, congress passed a bill that will help small businesses. According to…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Now more than ever startup executives are having to face an uncertain time with limited resources. Employees now have to work remotely, which is a challenge in itself for teams to navigate. All business events in physical form have been banned and moved to online formats, such as webinars and online courses, etc. This is the perfect time to start learning as much as you can, so you can keep your business afloat and survive this turbulent time. …

Expanding on the meaning behind a quote by Byron Dorgan

We all know that work can be stressful, so I have provided a quote by Byron Dorgan, which will hopefully give you a little bit of perspective and guidance on how to approach your daily tasks at work.

To me, this quote tells us to work smart so you have more time to not work hard. You can achieve this by using your time strategically. It is commonly known that you should prioritize your tasks. If you do not do this, you will get stressed and may miss deadlines. Make…

Products that help make parenting a little bit easier

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As a parent, I understand the difficulties that come along with parenting. Recently, though there have been more technological strides by companies to help make parenting a little easier. This is why I will share with you some of the products I have used with my own child and also products I wish I had known about before, or that I think are just an amazing idea and want to share them with other people.

Traveling made easier

Today, I saw this cool convertible suitcase that is designed to make traveling…

Find out how you can travel for business to other time zones with little to no jet lag

Image by Jeff Juit from Pixabay

Are you a person who travels frequently for business and suffer from jet lag frequently? This is so common and often work does not accommodate for it. In fact, I know one CEO who says, “Jet lag is for losers.” I know people who work at Apple and Amazon who have to constantly travel for their jobs to other time zones. For those people who work and have families, it also can put a strain on their families. So what should you do? How can you minimize the effects of jet lag? You will find numerous articles on this topic…

Learn about the impacts these female-led startups are making on our world

Graphic designed by Veronica Wagenet

There are only 51 startups listed under ‘social good’ on AngelList. If you were to research how many of those are led by women, you would most likely only find a hand full of them. Often people think of a startup as only tech-related and not necessarily for the greater good. This is why I looked into this topic. I want the world to know that there is an increasing number of social good startups led by women. Four of these include Dilectae, Parachute Kids, Lady Patch, and Juno Jones Shoes.

Learn what happens at the free seminars Dean Graziosi’s company puts on and the tricks used by his team to get people to buy-in to his products

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You may have seen advertisements for Dean Graziosi’s free workshops on Facebook, Youtube, or received an invitational email. I saw an advertisement on Youtube and thought it might be interesting to attend the event since it was free, I would get lunch, and get a free copy of his book, Millionaire Success Habits. It was also supposed to only be from 12- 1 pm on a Thursday, which seemed short enough. I figured…

Learn which mistakes you should not make when beginning your hardware startup and how you can avoid them

Image created by Veronica Wagenet

Leading a startup is a big challenge for any new business leader. It can be a lonely and draining path. A company founder’s one job, which the other members cannot due, is get funding for the company so it can run. If you cannot do this, then it’s time to find a partner who can and you can focus on leadership and getting the product to the market instead. You will hear this said over and over again at conferences and business summits by Venture Capitalists and other experienced business leaders who have already run successful companies from the ground…

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