My Beautiful Dark Twisted Defence Of Kanye
The Vocal

Absolutely brilliant and spot on. It’s easy for the media to brand an artist, any artists, but especially Kanye, and fit them into this tidy little box to be labeled. They warp public opinion, offering only skewed and biased references and headlines about the content of that art without ever really referencing what the message of the content actually is. People aren’t focusing on the issues actually being explored and communicated by the artist, instead just regurgitating what we’ve been told is fact by the popular media machine. That’s not fact, that’s propaganda.

These are real issues being projected. The fact that people can still see what’s happening right now and say that white privilege doesn’t exist, particularly if your a white man who reaps all the benefits of that privilege, that kills me as a human. The fact that people so easily buy into this systematic racism, so easily in fact that they don’t recognize the reactions and references about artists who reflect the current cultural environment and the issues of today by media outlets and certain critics as racially bias, is frustrating and makes me feel a little ashamed that so many have lost their ability to form independent thought and opinions outside of the ones they are told they should have.

That perpetuates the problem. And it’s a huge fucking problem. We ask artists to speak up, offer something tangible and real, and be advocates for causes that need our attention and action. We demand it on Twitter, through blog posts, and personal actions. “You have a voice, use it,” we say. And this is how people react when that voice is ran through the media filter, dissected, and and reassembled in a way that is either distracting from the original, or completely inaccurate and convoluted.

Kanye is someone who is strong enough not to bend to the media, he’s independent enough to continue to be Kanye and project that pull and passion and dedication to what HE thinks he should, without tramping it down to be more marketable or likable. I fiercely respect and admire him for that. I will continue to support and defend him as an artist and as a person, just as I will others like him who aren’t afraid to tell their story, their views, their experiences, their wants through…whatever format they choose. We need a little more of that right now, and we need people to start hearing what’s happening on ALL sides and then decide for themselves what their opinion is.

Thank you for so eloquently calling out the BS.

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