Strength Begins with Mercy
Laurene Powell Jobs

Absolutely truthful and so adequately defined and elegantly direct to the most important point. We are speaking about human beings, people who should never have to fear for their very lives and the lives of their loved ones. The constant, sharply and steadily increasing threat to their very existence, dictated by the will and action of those more powerful who have obtained or inherited the means and/or status to hijack and control an area and assert their dominance over those who just happen to inhabit that same space are conditions which were thrust upon them, not because of a personal choice, but because of where they live.

This is not an issue of what we stand to lose financially as a nation, or the threat to our security and safety in our country, but it also is just that.

Bad people do bad things, both by those that come here from another place and, more frequently the case, those born here whose roots were planted long before that time, based on whatever reasons were behind them specific to that individual only.

Holding the masses accountable for the actions of the fanatic or the disturbed few does not stop or minimize what threats we face in maintaining the security, safety, and finances of our nation. It elevates them. And excusing our actions, which directly contradict the importance we place on freedom and basic rights every human should have, is unacceptable.

What do we really stand for then? Whose freedom and human rights are we actually referring to?

Do we really believe that ALL people are entitled to pursue a life of happiness, and have the basic human right to do so free from oppression and without fear or threat of persecution… a right which we have sworn to defend and protect above all else … or just the people born here that fit within our biased comfort zones and fiscal budgets?

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