When your “economic anxiety” is actually human apathy
Christopher Kennedy

Thank you for stepping outside of your instincts and boundaries to keep your health and your illness private. Regardless of who “pretty much everyone” is, you came forward and shared your story, disease, and state of mind with us, the often judgemental and disconnected, public. You made yourself vulnerable in order to step forward and give a true testimony of someone, and an entire portion of the population who who are also, living with a life threatening (if untreated) chronic illness and what the ACA and this decision yesterday have and will further impact you personally.

And you’re exactly right. It is apathy. It is the life experiences, views, and opinions of people who are NOT facing the obstacles of having such a serious preexisting condition, or any regardless of the level of severity. These individuals found more merit in how much money they will not have to spend and can have for, you know, stuff than in the lives of strangers and fellow citizens. They took no stance which displayed any type of consideration or empathy, for the people whose survival is absolutely dependent on access to affordable health care.

We have for decades been talking about health care access and cost in this country, with politicians on both sides tossing around the plan for a plan to address that issue. We’ve had some initiatives brought forward to consider and moved on some in the past that turned on to be too little, ineffective, and costly. For once, I saw an act put into practice, that everyone could, if luck were not on their side, take advantage of and benefit from, and man did people do just that, that seems to have be worth the cost, can be refined and improved on, but the foundation of which was solid and it was working.

It’s not only apathy but wrecklessness that is revealed by the votes cast yesterday. It was not only deciding to vote against protecting the people with preexisting conditions and allowing continued uninterrupted access the these health benefits, it was deciding to move forward with not just reforming but repealing the ACA with NOTHING concrete, or even slightly resembling something concrete and ready to put into play to fill this vote and meet the needs dependent on the ACA, ready to be put into place.

I am sorry our Congress has let you down, and put you in further danger, especially when it was knowingly and could have have been avoided. But thank you for taking the time to give a fuck enough to speak up in such a candid way.