The Dark Days used to be really bad. Soul-crushing, weight-losing, insomnia bad.
The Dark Days, and How I Handle Them
Leila Janah

Thank you for stringing together perfectly and so concisely these words that are the absolute defining characteristics of my “Dark Days”. Of course I know everyone goes through periods like these, for personally specific reasons when they do. And, the parameters by which they define their “dark days” are as personally specific as their cause.

But, your description hit home, and reminded me of that. So thank you for that, and for reminding me that I’m not alone when I am going through them. There are others who can relate to my specific inability to shut out my worries, end the incessant flow of my internal monologue, and not allow myself to hit the play button on that loop of my lowest moments which are near impossible to pause after that. Sure it’s 2, then 4, then 5 am; of course I need to eat, but the nausea or the stress, or the etc… I just can’t stomach something just yet. There I am, going through the worst of it (my life) over and over again, when all I should be doing, and KNOW I need to do is sleep, eat, forgive myself…but CAN’T, not won’t, but Can’t.

And I can relate to you finding things that make those days more bearable, because whether we like it or not, those days will still come, and we will have to bear them when they do. The other options are unacceptable. And there are so many things about a life, anyone’s, that are the reasons all of our days are not of the dark variety.

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