Experimenting with Leadership

Last semester, I had a professor tell me that I should use my time at school to experiment with different leadership styles so that I when I head back into the wild, I know the type of leader I want to be. Since then, I have thought about playing around with different styles of leading, but didn’t really understand applying the ‘experiment, measure , learn’ cycle to myself.

I tried the, “shut your pie hole and get to work now, bitch” approach in one group and ended up quitting before the end of the sentence. I actually started laughing. Then everyone else started laughing. Hmmm…that broke the awkwardness. Note to self.

I tried the, “lead by example” and I basically ended up doing everything myself. Lame. Nope. Not what I was going for.

In this class, I decided to try to always bring everyone back to the “vision” — we always are told that, so, might as well try. I also make it a point to try and crack jokes and have fun — happy brains are creative brains, according to my cognitive science professor. I also tried a quasi project management approach to getting things done and tried to steer everyone to his or her superpowers instead of imposing what I “wanted “ done — thank you to the awesome supervisor I worked for this summer. Things aren’t perfect, but overall, as group we are functioning pretty well.

But something weird happened this week.

Everyone in the group voted for me to be our CEO. I didn’t ask to be CEO. Hell, I didn’t even want to be CEO. If left up to me, I actually would have put Sergio in that position because he has a strong and convincing voice. People listen to him and like him. I think that he would make a strong CEO.

But, that said: tag, I’m it. But, I am it and that is kinda cool. Like, my experiment actually worked? Like, I think I get it.

Bring on the experiments…


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