Secrets of Successful Cloud Foundry Adopters
Dormain Drewitz

In regarding of migrating to Microservices, Adrian Cockcrof says “People try to copy Netflix, but they can only copy what they see. They copy the results, not the process.” One important part of the process is a “freedom and responsibility culture” ( The T-Mobile company culture doesn’t match the culture described by Adrian in the paper. Last fall, T-Mobile HR department issued a job offer letter of a senior software engineer for their microserves migration projects. Building a microservice in 24 hours was a part of the hiring interview process. After the person questioning why an administration personal didn’t know a hiring document delivery time frame, the job offer was retreated. Furthermore, this person is put on a blacklist and can not be hired by any departments at T-Mobile. This instance showcases that T-Mobile doesn’t have a freedom and responsibility culture.

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