Action RPG Blockchain Mobile Game [Hero of Cryptoworld] Character presales and launch on January 14th

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Today’s post is about the character presales of Hero of Cryptoworld, a blockchain action RPG game jointly developed by VX Network and NEOCYON and served on the VX Network.

[What is Hero of Cryptoworld?]

It is action RPG full of playfulness that various adventure grows by collecting personality full of characters with blockchain mobile game. Travel in different adventure modes with different stories, boss battlefields and other Cryptoworld.

[Presales overview]

Hero of Cryptoworld’s characters are presold for a limited time.

By selling high-performance characters only in pre-sales, you can play games in a better position than those who missed this opportunity, and broaden your game selection to help you enjoy more free games.

The characters to be sold this time will be released in the order of the next group.

The first character group has been released. The second character group release is scheduled for January 14th.

This presales will increase the price by 1% each time the character is sold, so we recommend you to purchase it soon.

<Presales period>

From January 7th at 9:00 (UTC 0:00) to February 3rd at 8:00 (UTC February 3rd at 23:00)

<Presales purchase privilege>

If all the group characters are fully equipped with this pre-sale, additional rewards will be paid after launching the game.

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