[Solved] How to disable Bluetooth at startup on Linux Mint 19, TARA, Cinnamon.

Vishal Kumar Gaur
Sep 5, 2018 · 2 min read

I am writing this solution because I searched it a lot. I almost died searching for a solution to my problem “How to disable Bluetooth at the startup on Linux Mint 19, Cinnamon, TARA” and found NO SOLUTION AT ALL ON THE WHOLE WEB.
That was pretty strange.

Solutions those did not work:

  1. sudo service bluetooth stop
  2. sudo gedit /etc/rc.local
    I had no file named rc.local in my directory and thus opening it from terminal showed an empty text file. So, adding anything to it was meaningless.
  3. sudo systemctl disable bluetooth.service
    Didn’t even disable already active bluetooth that I could have done with 2 clicks right away. Useless.
  4. sudo xed /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
    Edited last line to false (default is FALSE, IDK how my default was set to TRUE. Maybe because I had tried this solution earlier and when it didn’t work I forgot to change the entry to default value).
  5. rfkill block bluetooth
    It disabled my Bluetooth but only once, and Bluetooth again restarted on next reboot/boot. So, all it did was something again I could do with 2 simple clicks, then why to type the terminal command?

Finally, the solution that worked for me was nowhere on web. How I came to this solution? After getting quite familiar with Linux I started to resolve my issues myself.
One day I was trying to setup an executable command to execute on startup each and every time I start my system. So, I headed to the startup apps from start menu and created a custom command. There I got the idea that

rfkill block bluetooth

was able to stop Bluetooth but just once, why not create a custom command for it on startup so that each time when I start my system, this command gets executed and disables Bluetooth on startup.


  1. GO TO: Start Menu>>Startup Applications
  2. Click on + (Soft Button denoted by “PLUS/ADDITION/+” sign/symbol at the bottom of the “Startup Applications” window).
  3. Click on “Custom command.”
  4. Add any name/description you like ( I named DISABLE BLUETOOTH, name and description doesn’t matter, what matters is the command)
  5. Add Command as:
rfkill block bluetooth

You can test it by selecting the new entry that you have made in the Startup Applications menu and executing it manually by clicking on gear icon at the bottom, where there was the PLUS symbol, and then on every reboot the command will execute by itself and Bluetooth will get disabled after reboot.

Hope it helps someone who is already frustrated by the non-working solutions.

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