App bootstrapping, first contentful paint, page load, browser analysis, connection efficiency, service worker status, visibility state and even more other performance analysis around the world for free with easy setup!

I think most of us want to know how the application really works for our users because they use different…

I think that most of us want extensible, reliable and modular starter project for Angular with Angular CLI, Express a production-ready full-stack. For a long time, I was supporting angular-seed and angular-seed-express but now I have created a new and better version of Angular Express stack.

If you don’t want…

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Angular Team released Angular 8 beta release. Many of us will be curious about the kind of features and bug fixes that we can see now before the main release.


Now since the schema is never modified, but only used in a read-only fashion, it should be possible to…

React Team released a new version of our favourite tool create-react-app. This release contains new changes like TypeScript, Babel 7, updated Documentation, more inside!

TypeScript App Creation

Now you can create your apps with TypeScript, and this is awesome!

To create an app with TypeScript you just simply need to add a flag…

Dipi is a simple Angular library that contains a huge, useful pack of Directives and Pipes for Angular developers. This library provides for you a Directives and Pipes that you can use in your projects and save a lot of time for solving common issues very fast.

Why I created it?

I was…

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Today Angular Team released Angular 7 beta release. Many of us will be curious about the kind of features and bug fixes that we can see in this beta release.


Let’s firstly talk about new features.

Angular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc)

This compiler will convert node_modules compiled with ngc, into node_modules which appear to…

Simple steps that will increase the performance of your website or web app. Take a look maybe you missed something in yours?

Does your Website or Web App have a maximum performance? I think a lot of developers and teams have this question in their minds, and in our days…

Increasing performance of Angular, React and Gatsby applications is always an important question, especially if you have significant complex app or website.

Guess.js it’s a new exciting optimization solution that use Data-driven bundling for Webpack and Data-driven loading for non-Webpack. …

New release of Electron 2, cross-platform native desktop application framework for JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML and CSS. Good backward compatibility with previous version, performance improvements, new features.

Each release of this framework do it better and better in all senses, providing for us performance enhancements, bug fixes and new features. And many…

I think many Angular developers have problems with rendering large list of data. So I want to share with you some trick that can help you to resolve this problem.

Understanding the issue

First full let’s take a look at this common issue:

We need to render a huge list of nodes…

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