All you have to do: is convince someone to pay you.

I love cash — don’t we all?

I’m now starting as a freelance writer. Today I’ve earned my first 15 euro for one hour of work and it felt great. Minimum wage in my country is 380 euro a month. It’s 2,2 euro an hour. This is bullshit. I know. Right?

Pursuing the dream was never easy, but I and you can do it.

You only have to convince someone pay you cash. That’s it.

Writing is easy, every writer can say this. It’s hard to master the skill, but for some people writing comes easy.

I know I will get ordered few more articles this or next month, so I agreed to barter the skills — he will make me a pro freelance writer website and I will do some text.

I think it’s a great deal because he does nice stuff. You can check his stuff here.

For me, making money is hard. I always seem to not have the necessary skills or I lack knowledge.

But when you’re in the right place and the right time you can make money and there isn’t a better place than to offer what you can do. Market the shit out of yourself and build your brand.

Sale is nothing more than convincing people to pay YOU, not somebody else.

The problem:

some of you may not know what you can sell.

And the answer is:

sell your knowledge. If you know something.

There’s all these web articles that teach you nothing about life. How about you sell your knowledge to people, who care enough to pay you?

Fuck all those who don’t pay. Everybody wants everything for free even if they don’t need it.

I don’t like convincing people to buy from me, but it’s the way our world works. So you have to learn how to sell. I saw this course online but I didn’t buy it, because we humans learn by error.

Make a website with a portfolio of your knowledge and freelance your way to success.

Starting is one thing, and then people will recommend you to their friends friends friends.

Everybody’s looking where to spend their money — so why you won’t go out there and show them that you can take their money and give them VALUE.