Not every book is worth millions.

If you write for more than 3 years and you haven’t achieved much — it probably means you won’t achieve much while you’re alive.

If people say: don’t do it for money, for fame and for shinny things. Most likely they’re right. Writing is hard, the competition is hard, because today everybody is a writer.

Everybody shouts into the web.

If you would write something good — it would stand out. People started talking about you, people came to visit your blog.

The fact is, that not every book is worth millions. Not every blog is worth talking about. And this sucks, if you want to be a writer.

When you’re a writer — you feel the challenge. It seems as if the world wants to shut you up. This is how I feel.

Writing a book, making a fortune — sounds easy and attractive, but when you try to do it — it feels as if it’s impossible.

Everyone is telling you not to give up and so on. But when you realize it, that you’ve been writing for 3, 5 or 10 or even more years. Some write 40 and don’t have an audience. So pretty much you won’t achieve anything in your life. If you’re lucky you will be noticed when you’re dead. But you don’t need fame when you’re dead. I sure don’t.

After years and years of writing I’ve realized my dreams won’t come true. I realized other writers make better content than I do. I have no ideas. My idea execution is poor and I realized I don’t like writing books — it takes too much time and nobody will read it anyway.

I sound pessimistic and negative, but why lie to yourself.

The only thing left to do with writing is to write for yourself, that’s the only option. I realized success is not comming and it will never come.

I’ve tried and now I can give up or write to test my guess — nothing will change.

And people tell you. Blogging can change your life, attract new opportunities, bring new people into your life — non of this happened.

The system is rigged or I’m an idiot who tries to impress people.

I quit.

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