Self-expression is the thing everyone should do.

Just another bullshit story from a for fun writer.

Bullshit meter

Life is a nasty thing. I love it but sometimes I hate it.

I see all these writers — who say: wow, how it’s nice to be a writer.

Writing is cool don’t get me wrong, but you have to be lucky to get a dime from your writing.

Everybody is writing: look how cool I am, I’m so grateful for this and that — you should be grateful too.

Fuck you all — everybody’s saying that: follow your dreams achieve your goals. Work smarter, work harder — do more.

Life is not fair and there’s no one–rule on how to be rich or how to be a best selling book author or any other crap. And people who believe that there is a rule are just plain stupid.

The only thing one can do: is self-express and see what happens.

Being a wolf among the sheep, but most of us are sheep. Most people imagine that they could be leaders and lead a pack of dumb stupid people, sometimes it’s better to go solo.

People like, when other people write about opportunities.
People like, when other people write about self help. Most people can’t help themselves, but can help others.
If people like you, then people pay, and you can get rich, but if people don’t like you — you won’t get paid.

So there are these people’s people, who love people and other people like them. People’s people get all the glory. And there are people, who are liked less. These people are ditched from the society.

And if you’re ditched from the socium, you can self express as long as you like and you won’t have those 16k followers on medium that Tiffany Sun has. Then you’ll envy and try to figure out what’s wrong and then you’ll realize people don’t like you, yet.

It’s easy to create a tribe, just go out and self–express yourself to death on youtube, on facebook, on anywhere and you’ll have a tribe of at least 100 people but they won’t pay you. Maybe one or two donations, that’s all.

Today it’s easy to self–express, that’s why it’s worthless, since everybody is doing it. The more people are doing something the less worth it has. Most electronic music creators have an audience of 100, most bloggers have an audience of 100. Most youtubers have an audience of 100.

That doesn’t mean they’re bad creators. That means they’re not good enough to have a bigger audience and if you make a blog that boosts intelligence and there’s philosophy all over the place — you won’t have a big audience unless it’s written for stupid people.

If you’re new to self expression start with writing or creating your art for people who are as smart as you are.

Smart get smarter, stupid get stupider.

That’s just life — my favorite sentence.

You’re a better writer if you keep writing without getting lucky and you endure the pain when realizing what the world is all about.

Nowadays, writing is useless because anybody can open up a blogger blog, or create a medium account and write the shit of oneself.

It’s easy.

Writing is easy but it’s hard to master, hard to get an audience that’s why it’s interesting.

It’s easier to work at a company and sweep the floor five hours a day. But when you decide to write — you’re leaving a legacy for somebody.

As much as experience I have over the years of writing. I could say that there’s no text, which isn’t read by at least one person. The total aim of your audience should be 1, an direct message to somebody of your choice.

If a writer, or person who self-expresses can entertain, or inform, at least one person — he’s good. If you can get 10 you’re good enough for more.

Maybe you just want to write raw unedited thoughts about life and you don’t care about your readership — this is what I do. I write raw text, I don’t polish it to please the masses of people whom I don’t care about. I always aim at one, who somehow finds the text I wrote.

Being a writer isn’t a choice, it’s a curse.

Being a writer takes up so much time, you can sit for hours at your computer and create these awesome texts only you like and nobody else does.

I’ll admit, I don’t care about the reader. All I want to do is — deliver a message, that’s what writing is for: for communication.

If you can’t produce something good, worth a read — at least make it look good. Writing is like drawing, your text needs to look good.

One more tip, when you create something, keep in mind, that it will be consumed by someone, you really don’t want to project bullshit with your name on it. Right?

You sit and you create.

People are creative but sometimes they’re just numbed down by the society itself.

You see, we need people who build houses, bridges, cars and roads. You can’t have a nation of writers, who imagine the world and only build it in text. Sometimes I think we are similar to ants — we always do stuff and we have a role, if there’s a person who can’t decide on his role, he’s fucked up and maybe in a mental hospital.

Self–expression is for the win.