This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf*****

Summer, the time when all my highly held standards of TV viewership slide so I can watch the sudsers, the sillies and all the other shows that aren’t so serious but perfectly suited to taking breaths between my drama-heavy TV habits. This was when Mistresses was all the rage, Rookie Blue was the perfect cute show, and Girlfriends Guide to Divorce was just what I needed to get through. I could enjoy not having to pair my platter of viewing with a serving of deep critical thought. Summer was my time for Devious Maids, Rizzoli and Isles, Murder in the First and Tyrant. Now, all of those shows are gone, and I’m a little less excited about the prospect of summer viewing, bingeing or even having three hours of light viewing to string together.

Yes, I know there’s House of Cards, Queen Sugar and Orange is the New Black but all that is so serious. I love Power, but again super serious, too intense, requiring too much deep thought and sometimes one needs junk food and not a serious full course meal in television form.

So what’s a TV fan to do when the thing that used to give her the most joy is now just so meh? Well, I’ll tell you what not to do, don’t binge iZombie, and don’t binge Shades of Blue. You could consider Keeping up with the Kardashians, or Rob and Chyna (I did say standards slides in summer). I am always the person most excited for every starting season of TV, whether it’s October/November or June/July but right now, I just don’t have that loving feeling for this season.

How did a time of carefree, fun and sexy viewing become so serious and lacking in everything that makes summer amazing? Well, with shows like Claws and Daytime Divas there’s hope for our summer entertainment needs. I suppose this is the perfect time to catch up on all the other unserious shows that already exist. There’s also plenty of reality I could get into, just to bring the lightheartedness I need in my life. I’m also pretty peeved by the fact that UnReal only comes back in 2018. That show was my summer bread and butter and now my plate feels a little empty.

I remember when the summer season was my time to indulge in different stories, now I’m not left with much to look forward to besides The Night Shift, Queen Sugar, Power and a couple of other shows. I’m not saying there’s nothing to watch, I’m saying there isn’t as much to watch and that’s stressing me out. A lot of shows are missing from my roster, and until the fall season starts, I’m going to be MAD.

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