Leaders should use this one metric to improve the morale of geographically distributed teams

Business leaders today have the increased challenge of managing teams across multiple locations. It may be in-person, across a campus of offices, or strictly over video and instant messaging apps.

I’m one of those leaders. I work with a technology team spread out across Canada. …

Virtual Leadership

Be mindful of personality strengths to improve virtual communication

Is There a Right Personality for Leading Distributed Teams?

Why do we have to say there is only one personality type, introverts or extroverts, that is better at managing remote teams? Instead of labelling, I liken it to getting dressed in the morning—try on different qualities and see what fits best for our virtual teams.

I have the responsibility…

Lessons in persistence, unlearning, and ignoring the past

Bill McCartney simplified leadership as enabling an individual to achieve what s/he could not have achieved without guidance. That’s my interpretation of his quote, ‘that all coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.’

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.” …

Everyone can be good every once in a while; what’s hard is being good every day

Amazing possibilities are all in us. Our ability to accomplish more than we can imagine lives in the actions we take every day. We rob the promise of our best self when we operate below our potential.

My parents had high expectations of me during my growing years, and that…

Vy Luu

Leading, following and stumbling through life. Always searching for advice on becoming a better leader, colleague and human. LinkedIn.com/in/vyluu

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