Blackthornprod game jam — day 1

It is already a few months since I am interested in game development. I really enjoy the possibilities and unleashing the imagination. This is a day to day story how I’ve joined my first game jam. Describing all the thoughts, wins and fails. This post is being written continuously while I am progressing, so everything can change any day.

Other parts of series:


Not a lot of work done on Monday. I’ve been just brainstorming and it was really hard to focus on my actual job. My mind was always in the world of Unity. I guess it will be a really productive week 😁. Thank you Noa Calice 😂!

First command

Despite being short on time I finished one command. Let's teach our robot to walk! I've added a simple script (MonoBehavior) which I can attach to our robot. We can also set how far robot should go. Commands will apply changes when they are enabled (user will add them in a queue via UI and Game Manager will enable them one-by-one. The command is quite simple:


ObjectMover is also a small script which uses coroutines to move given Transform to the position. You can see it in the repository.


Our robot can walk! And even more! Because I have not implemented handling of direction Mr. Robot can moonwalk!