Home-Day 1

1st day away from Boot camp and I have nothing else in mind. All is coding, coding and coding. Looking back I appreciate that I got the chance to join the Andela Boot Camp. My interaction with the Andela Fellows was inspiring to say the least. The accomplishments they have achieved by far surpasses their humble and soft spoken nature, which really is admirable. They take the value of collaboration quite seriously which is impressive. Above all I got to interact with fellow persons in the boot camp, who had a lot to offer. Their dedication, creativity and willingness to learn and create is amazing. It is therefore safe to say that Andela is home. My time at the boot camp has so far exposed me to programming methods and software such as Git. Among the things I learnt, is Test oriented programming which I had little knowledge of before.

For emphasis, I still have a dream of being world class developer. Even away from Boot camp :) bur connected to my colleagues via open-Andela Slack.