By David A. Granzotti, CEO of Vytalyx

Vytalyx aims to be the best-in-class interoperable and AI-driven blockchain protocol that creates a paradigm shift in clinical and wellness decision making.

Vytalyx is developing an infrastructural blockchain protocol and AI that plans to surface hyper-personalized clinical and wellness guidance, procure AI-driven personal health information (“PHI”), utilize a universal healthcare data exchange standard and be interoperable across multiple public, private and cross-chains. The Vytalyx infrastructural blockchain protocol encourages collaboration amongst EHRs, EMRs, blockchains and health professionals to help deliver better care to patients. …

Yemi Adeyemo Joins Vytalyx Advisory Board

AUSTIN, Texas — July 10, 2018 Vytalyx, is pleased to announce the addition of Yemi Adeyemo to its Advisory Board. Vytalyx is a cognitive health platform that uses augmented intelligence to personalize patient health and blockchain to access, share and distribute patient health data.

Mr. Adeyemo is a seasoned engineer that has deep experience the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He has been involved extensively in ICO investing, research and analysis. His strengths are in technical research into distributed ledger technologies, consensus algorithms, blockchain use-cases analysis and real-world application of blockchain solutions.

“As the Vytalyx…

Another high-profile appointment in just one week, laying further foundation for the future of Vytalyx:


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