Cambodia — the Kingdom of Wonder

This time last year I was finishing my bachelor degree and living in Italy. If anyone told me that I live in Asia after one year, I would just laugh. And here I am, sitting in the balcony of my current home in South of Thailand and writing my memories about Cambodia. So what was so special about the Kingdom of Wonder?

Before coming to Asia, I lived in Palermo and spend couple of week in Georgia. So when I came to Siem Reap, somehow, everything felt so familiar and, yet, so different.

A local girl from one of the villages around Siem Reap during the classes

To start with, I instantly felt like I was at home. I loved the vibes of Siem Reap town and the NGO I was going to volunteer with. I can’t even describe the feelings. When after a long day in the office, you sit on your tousand year old bicycle (really it was this old!) and start a 6 km journey back home. And then starts raining - it’s a wet season. So you stop, put on the raincoat and start to cycling again. In exactly 5 seconds you are already wet. Oh well! At least it’s not that hot. I start to smile because it feels great!

On your way to home you see a beautiful sunset above rice fields. Workers in the construction site are waiving to you and you waive them back. Because they already know you even though you haven’t talked with them once. It is easy to live here just like this!

Kids in Cambodia are simply amazing! Three of them can sit on the motorbike while their parent will drive it and shout to you as loud as possible: “Hello!”. You waive them back and continuing cycling. With a huge smile on your face!

Nope, she wasn’t very happy with me and the camera

People seems relaxed and happy here. They don’t have much, but they are so happy! When they smile, they smile not only with their lips, their heart and eyes are smiling as well. That’s why people here look so beautiful! They don’t have much, but they are grateful for what they have.

It is simple as this, happiness doesn’t depend on anything. Be grateful for everything you can see with your eyes and then you realize how little you need to be a happy person.