5 lessons I learned from AfroTech 2017 (recap)

This was my second time attending AfroTech and yet again I can say it was the most empowering event I’ve attended this year. Yes a bet late but I really forgot I had started writing this and figured these takeaways could still help someone

If you have the opportunity to go to Afrotech this week I would say GO! To be around a group of intelligent people in the tech industry that look like me makes me feel inspired. There were people who started their own thriving business and others who were looking to start. There were plenty of leaders from top tech companies that were open and dropping knowledge at every talk.

One thing I must say is that everyone was approachable and willing to help you connect you with someone that could.

Seek to add value

This is important when when connecting. Think about what skills you have and see how you can use those skills to add value in someones life instead of asking for something. Be genuine in your approach, life’s not just about what you want but how can you be a positive impact to others.

Consistency is key

Overnight success can take years to build so being consistent with your actions can help you in many ways. Start to build good habits and taking baby steps towards your goal. I really want to say more but to be quite honest this is pretty self-explanatory. Example if you want be a better designer you might want to complete a small design challenge everyday. Shout out to DailyUi Challenge .

You are who you surround yourself with

This is pretty basics principle in my book so lets keep it real so people can relate. If you surround yourself around people you spend most of their money on clothes, shoes, and talk about nothing but reality shows. Well most likely thats who you are going to be similar too. Same if you surround yourself with people that are more knowledgeable and speak positively in your life. I think you can take it from here.

Follow up

When you meet someone who you thought was interesting, finished a job interview, heard a speaker at a conference, or just meet was introduced by a mutual friend it’s important to follow up. Hit them up via twitter, IG, Facebook, Linkedin, call, text, or send a letter(this one is HIGHLY undervalued these days). I wouldn’t suggest blowing them up on all platforms but a quick thank you and have a great week always is good to hear.

You have the glow

As Chamillionaire said. “You have the glow”, borrowed from The Last Dragon. You can go deeper into the movie meaning if you want here. What is trying to say that is we all have something special within us even if we doing think it’s there. We are all unique in our own way. BE YOURSELF