6 Podcasts That Will Make You A More Successful Entrepreneur

Now before we get into the list I just want to let you know there are MANY other podcasts that you could find and please feel free to share. These are podcast that are in my rotation or you could say my Podcast playlist. Now that I think of is I should probably make an Entrepreneur Podcast Mixtape. Until that time comes let’s get right into the list.

1. NPR: How I Built This

Coming in at the number one spot is NPR: How I Built This. These stories are pure motivation to get you going in the morning. Every episode is filled with gems of lessons learned, hacks, tips, and tricks. My favorite episodes are Power Rangers: Haim Saban, Real Estate Mogul: Barbara Corcoran, Lady Gaga & Atom Factory: Troy Carter, Airbnb: Joe Gebbia, and well you could say I just can’t pick one. Listen to them ALL because you will find gems every interview.

Check the NPR: How I Built This site here

2. Open For Business

Open for business is great for anyone that is thinking about starting a business and is binge-worthy. You can binge watch a whole season on Netflix so why not do the same and actually learn something.

The host for this show is @JohnHenryStyle . He is full of energy and insight so I would suggest you follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

3. Breaking Into Startups

I love this podcast because it highlights people from diverse backgrounds breaking into the industry. This really hits home for me because I jumped from property management to UX Design and it was the best career/life decision I’ve made. So for all of you that are trying to get into tech or startups, this is the perfect one for you. It’s never too late to start but you must first just make the first move and do it.

The host for this podcast are @rubenharris , @ArturMeyster , and‏ @timurmeyster ‏. They are great team and really dig into the details in each episode.

Check out Breaking into Startups site here.

4. StartUp

The first episode got me hooked when @abexlumberg totally botched his pitch to Billion VC Chris Sacca. I felt kinda bad and envious of the guy because seriously when you have a meeting with Chris you better have your A+ game ready to go! What happens next is something truly brilliant, Chris pitches Alex’s idea back to him(expect your mind to be blown).

You can find the Podcast here

5. Mentor Talk

I was searching for a podcast with successful black men and women entrepreneurs not just in the tech space and this is what landed on. The first episode is about being intentional about building relationships, What holds people back from reaching their true potential, and how to deal with adversity.

The host for this Podcast is @LawrenceRJ

6. Master of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Now, this is a Podcast how companies from 0 to 100 real quick. It will teach you that in order to scale you must do things that don’t scale. This series you learn how Airbnb with @bchesky became the giant they are today.

Hosted by Reid Hoffman and you can check out the website here

I hope that you enjoy these podcast and it inspires you to follow your vision and start a business or fires you to get into tech. Are there other great podcasts that you listen to that you would recommend? List them in the comments and tell me why you listen to them.