The Ballad of Hillary & Bernie

On the fateful night of October 13th,

When democrats were few and nobodies most,

Five people took the stage,

Just to boast.

While in a few days,

Lamar might die,

Nobody cared about Kardashian pride;

Las Vegas was the point of Hillary’s cry.

Standing by with a large audience;

Anderson Cooper a Vanderbilt of sorts,

And Dana Bash asking flawless questions of course,

With Don Lemon helping out with much support.

From past wars to current guns;

Hillary and Bernie fought hard and were never shy,

With others trying to get involved,

Every so often Hillary and Bernie saw eye to eye.

While Chafee spoke in metric,

Jim Webb sought the second amendment,

But Hillary and Bernie emerged as the victors;

And Martin O’Malley saw no tendment.

The email scandal was rarely discussed,

But Gun manufactures might be sued,

Which left the onlookers a bit confused,

But most importantly CNN says “ false facts were used”.

While against many elephants,

Five lone candidates stand,

Wanting all to win the final place,

Fighting internally hand over hand.

Here ends the Ballad of Hillary and Bernie;

A long and vicious tale,

Through many controversies,

To only end in an office which is really a jail.