Interestingly, individuals are rewarded by predicting community goals…
Curated Governance with Stake Machines
Dimitri De Jonghe

brilliant — a thought on how to link the short term reward with the long term benefit of increased token value:

As you say, people vote in whatever way they predict the majority of other token holders to vote. The best prediction for the vote of others is the vote that makes the token value go up = the list better. The community goal is always to increase the token value. What needs to be predicted to get the short term reward is what other token holders think would make the list better in the long term. Now this can be in contrast to what actually makes the list better! The TCR fails if people don’t do the work of finding out what actually makes the list better in the long term, because then they might get the short term rewards but the token value decreases so the rewards aren’t worth much.