It’s official: 80s nostalgia is out. 90s nostalgia is in.

Recently, MTV (remember them?) announced that they’re going to be rebooting a number of classic shows, including Real World, Aeon Flux, and — brace for impact — Daria.

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I love Daria with all my heart. It’s probably my favorite animated sitcom of all time. But news of this reboot is giving me the chills; the popular idea of what Daria was about has drifted off-course since it last aired, and I don’t trust MTV to steer it back on track. …

by Craig Morgan Teicher
88 pp. BOA Editions Ltd. Paper, $16.

“Occupied” is a fitting word to describe the poetry of Craig Morgan Teicher.

The Trembling Answers, Teicher’s new book of poetry, is an anthology of conflict. Through stories of his work, art, and family — which includes a son with severe cerebral palsy — Teicher paints a vivid picture of a man who has pushed his own needs to the side in order to better serve the ones he loves. The needs of his family come first, we learn again and again, even as Teicher’s own mental health deteriorates. At the book’s conclusion, Teicher jokes that he can only write “darkly and sad.” …

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Crafting titles is hard work — but we can make it easier.

Over the past few years, I’ve participated and had my work critiqued in countless writing workshops, each one varying in both content and usefulness. There’s only so much that university students, most of them amateur or beginning writers, can comment on in half an hour. Yet, if there’s one thing that’s been constant in every workshop I’ve attended, it’s this: when the time comes to comment on the workshopped piece’s title, everyone goes silent. …


William Antonelli

Emerging writer and occasional teacher based in NYC. All opinions are my own, and hopefully yours soon.

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