If you have ever learned to make a resume you have been doing it wrong.

Hey Crew,

My name is Will and I have found a tiny thing about resumes that many people don’t know. I have found that most people who are using a resume are doing it wrong, and I was one. A resume is kind of a crazy thing if you think about it. It’s you! It is what makes you a fit for whatever your trying to do or get. Why the hell then are resumes the most cookie cutter b******t a young person can do?? Over the last couple months I have been doing a job search online and I got literally nowhere. I had a solid clear resume and a formal cover letter. 4 months, 100's of submissions, not even a nibble. I figured guess what screw this. I stumbled across a media group’s career website that finally asked me questions that really made me feel they cared about what kind of person they were hiring not what I had accomplished so far. Like what gets you about of bed? If you were an Avenger, what would be your superpower? Like what?? How do these things matter for a media intern role? Guys and gals crazy thing now. The way businesses work now is that they want people. People who can be the oil of a new age industry machine. In this our age of innovation the element of how long or what you studied in college means very little. The industry has sped up past what companies can reliably keep up with. It really honestly pisses me off if I am asked in an interview, where do you see yourself in 5 years because guess what. I could say sitting in traffic on the moon in my flying moon car and I could be just as close to truth as saying oh ah f*****g media manager. So we as the interviewee need to help these companies out a little. I challenge you to do what I have done. When creating a resume portrait yourself as a teachable, adaptable, hungry, individual. No one gives a s**t that you are the bomb.com at Microsoft office or were a waiter for 2 years in college. Give a company items that make a hiring manager’s eyebrows raise. Your passions, your hobbies, your spirit animal. Uppercut your creativity into that HR departments jaw and follow up. Be the resume that got a laugh or made waves. We’re millennials. We are getting hired to make waves. Don’t take the normal approach because there are 500 applicants that will. Be the one who gets it done.

Also this:

P.S. be careful on shotgunning resumes on LinkedIn. There are some s**t companies out there haha.


Willie Summ

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