Just Start

The commitment to hard work and spirit of humanitarianism ran in the blood of the Edhi family and Abdul Sattar Edhi, one of the ideal personality , was a part of such family. He adopted the spirit to serve humanity from his mother as she used to give him 2 paisa in his childhood one for him and other for any needy person which he crossed on that day.

Although he was unable to get formal education in his childhood but he follow major principles of progress as to become successful in his life. Among those principles the main principle was that he just took a start to achieve his goals without knowing his destination, “What will be” was his concern. He just took the initiative without concerning what will be the results and 1st step is the most difficult step to take because later u become familiar with the path so nothing matters but how to take the first step is the foremost concern.

I also used the same principle in my life after my FSc when no girl in my family was allowed to go to university for higher education as I belong to a Pathan family and it is thought that matriculation is more than enough for a female but I took the initiative that I will study further but there I was having a major support of my father, his trust allowed me to go further and now I m studying in M.Phil on project scholarship and my cousins are now confident to talk to their parents by giving my example and some of them have just entered in university life. So just start, one of the principles of success adopted by Edhi sb has a connection with my life and in every person’s life, the principle of just start is hidden somewhere.

There are two things in my life which I want to achieve one is my dream and other is my interest I am very interested to play cricket and second thing which is my dream but about I am most feared about is to take a CSS exam.

First going to discuss my interest which is cricket. When I was in school I used to play it but then later I was hesitant to play as just because of fear to lose and mainly I was afraid to play with hardball. I have recently got the opportunity but Amal fellowship has pushed me up to avail this opportunity in order to achieve the goal so I will do the following three task

1. Will be going to participate in the inter hostel girls cricket competition

2. Will start practicing from now on under the university instructor for cricket.

3. Will try to play a match with university girl’s cricket team to increase my confidence.

Snapshots while Practicing

I completed these entire task and the fear just vanished now I m daily going for the practice to be the best as when I started I was hesitant that what other players would think? if I did not played well but when I practiced two to three balls everything seems to be ok.

Secondly my dream which is more important and which I have to achieve is to clear the CSS exams. Not only clearing but also CSS officer after clearing the interviews so that I can prove that I m best of the best and for this I have to believe on myself and should have a firmed believe. The main reason behind the dream is to not only feel my parents proud but also to serve my nation, to show my patriotism and loyalty towards my country and give the world a real meaning of democracy which it is as not to only listen the problems but also finding the solutions to the major issues of Pakistan.

When I come to know about this exams I was so excited that I can get opportunity to solve the problems of my country but I was very hesitant even to try it for once as I was not confident whether I will do it or not?. Everyone told me it is so much difficult, a few hundred only achieves the goal among thousands of competent and I lose my moral.

If I failed to pass what the people close to me would think that I am a looser? FPSC need best of the best am I one of them? These things shattered my mind and I just lose the hope and quit to take and even prepare for it. But then Amal fellowship give me the encourage to just fight with fear and show your hidden abilities and skills and thus I just took three initiatives that will encourage me to achieve my goal

  1. Just go through the instructions and subject selection procedure at FPSC official website.

2. Attended the seminar on CSS aspirant held on 23 Feb. 2017 in my university to get more clear vision of what CSS is and how the guest speaker struggle to achieve that goal

3. Going to start reading 2 to 3 pages of any English book to increase my vocabulary.

The last task is difficult to manage somehow but I have started to do so and now I will continue it until I complete my degree and then I will give my time to concentrate on my goal. So after completing my M.Phil I will give my full potential and will work hard to increase my relevant knowledge for the exam and then going to apply for taking the CSS exam as achieve my CSS goal.