Mentor- Someone Behind your Success

Throughout my career, I am really thankful for my luck to have great mentors throughout my life who supported and provided meaningful opportunities for growth. One of those mentors who is behind my success is my father. He has not only taught me about what is important (both personally and professionally) but also given me several big breaks. I know that I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for the impact and guidance of my Father.

Dad I will love you always

My father is a hardworking man and in his service he was warded with many awards and honors for his talents in debating, shooting and voice. It was his wish to have all his children to be highly educated because for him it was not possible when he was young. How I step forward and become the first girl of my family to be highly educated ? is a long story because in my family, girls are not supported for higher studies and it was my father who supported me for higher studies by going against family wishes. Then I also show humility towards my parents as not to disturb them by disusing the sacrifices which I have to made in my university life. I managed all the problems myself never told my parents if I had a problem. I was my was not familiar with university life and I had to travel on local buses because university bus route was not near to my home and almost I had to spend 2 and half an hour on one side travelling because the university was too far away from my area. In those four years, sometimes I felt so much tired that I just wanted to quit but then my father supported me and advice me if today I quit I will never be up. It is just because of my father that I worked hard to maintain my cGPA and at the end I was able to publish my research paper.

In M.Phil. I preferred out of station university so to see the hostalized life and make myself stronger. where now I am awarded with UC-Davis Project scholarship. Now I have been awarded with 3 year fully funded PhD scholarship in China through UAF University with a contract of 5-year service as an assistant professor after completing my Doctorate degree. Now my parents and my family feel proud on me. As girls were now allowed to pursue higher education in my family but now looking at me my family members are allowing their children especially girls to pursue higher studies and this is the big achievement which I did just because of my father support and motivation if he would not have been there I will not be there.

The value of the mentor/mentee relationship continues to be made clear to me each and every day. I firmly believe that mentorship is the best path to career success, hands down. The benefits that you can gain from a good mentor relationship can outweigh grad school, natural ability, and even dumb luck. The key is to have the foresight and humility to ask to be mentored. If you start there, you’ll find that there are plenty of accelerators in your life who can add value. More importantly, you can take it upon yourself to add tremendous value for them. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you get the most out of the mentor relationship and find success in your life and career.