Kellyanne Conway is The Perfect Mascot For The Poisonous Parade of White Feminism
Ezinne Ukoha

The Spicer and Conway Comedy Duo

It just keeps getting better: Satire

The Spicer and Conway comedy duo just keeps getting better, don’t it?

No sooner does Spicer pass the gas out of his mouth, than Conway comes along to impress the press with made-up words and phony facts. Everyone repeat after Kellyanne: “Presumptive negativity” and “incomplete coverage.”

That’s right! According to the queen of oval office, sofa journalism, “the economy under Trump wasn’t getting the same amount of coverage as the investigations into his team’s ties to Russian operatives, or his controversial executive order,” because the economy will not be his to brag about, nor hide from, for at least another nine months; because his Russian connection gets more connected and deeper rooted every Nunesday; and because (Wait for it!) he writes executive orders like he’s signing Secret Service vouchers for the Mar-a-lago Country Club.

The crown clown of Washingtown is showing the press how to do its job, and if ever there was a blonde bombshell who knew how to do her job, Kellyanne Conway is “59 Tomahawks over Syria.”

Be there, when she gives Photoshop phone lessons to beginning Fox journalists, and sexual assault victims.

Before, there was Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Rowan and Martin, Stiller and Meara, Amos and Andy, Luci and Desi, Burns and Allen, and now, not a minute too soon, for the ladies and the gentlemen of the Generation Trump, for your presser pleasure it’s, Spicer and Conway, in: “Governuts the Don Way!”

Don’t miss it! Playing at a White House near you. Rated PG for Phoolish Grammar and language that can kill.