The People Have Spoken, the Bastards
ian leslie

I must ask how you resolved to feel positive about the successive voting in of Thatcher? Were those ‘pretty much the right calls’? That is a provocative question, I appreciate, but hope it is helpful and honestly I had to ask.

I do think democracy is the obvious best system. I don’t want to have to invoke “common decency” but democracy has come to be the guiding principle of the porous UK community since the Putney debates and union movement started, I’d suggest. Parliament had of course emerged from the dark ages but only for the rich, so I guess it was some survivor of Greece to resolve things after the Romans and besides a dictatorial reigning monarch. We were mostly too busy weeding and lurching from famine to famine for centuries to look at the sky. I am loyal to democracy, as I am loyal to the truth I know I must imperfectly subjectively perceive as best I can, I rake over these things and it is confirmed again as the best we’ve got.

I appreciate the thoughts in this article and for the clarified idea of harnessing cognitive diversity. We would be much smaller poorer people without democracy to connect us. The ‘something isn’t working so fuck off’ message has hit hard, and I am glad of it, and it should help us get our act together, angry about feeling our hand’s been forced though we are. What hurts one of us hurts all of us.

I really think the DiEM25 campaign should have received more support in the UK and if we’d been diligent we’d have grown it much faster, but I think it was too radical an agenda for some of the Remain supporters who are perversely attracted to beuracracy, and not apparently viable enough for the cautious calculatory many with strong anti-establishment sentiment. I suppose it also seemed ‘expert’ and intelligentsia ordained, and we should have been more inclusive to actual working class people, with simple humour, fun and honestly emotional actions against autocratic setups, pranks even, and less of our beloved aesthetic syllables. But I digress.

What do you think of this, trying to start hashing out a broad pragmatic and genuine vision now


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