Questions for Theresa May, Tories and economists

If the principles of the conservative party are to defend our heritage and belonging and hardworking people’s right to keep what they earn, why no guarantee against higher national insurance contributions and no guaranteed triple lock for pensions?

Why underfund the education, benefits, healthcare, security, public services and infrastructure when these are the things that make good conditions for honest business and enterprise? To give the public sector an ever-decreasing slice of the pie as if that is an economic necessity?

Why nowadays if you happen to have special needs or health problems are you made to feel like a burden not worth cherishing, including and supporting, but someone who must hide away in shame when you haven’t done anything wrong? Shouldn’t it be all for one and one for all and nobody left behind? Tally ho, pip pip and all that. The UN ruled that the so called Conservative UK’s cuts to PIP and everything are discriminatory abuse and in breach of human rights. And its true, and its not talked about, and this neglect and abuse that could be tantamount to manslaughter is ongoing.

Why if you are strong and stable can’t you support your own home secretary and handle Brexit negotiations well without rattling the sabres suggesting sabotage abroad, why can’t you increase your support in the polls? Your behaviour isn’t stable, maybe it stabilises you in your party, but it ferments civil dissarray and disorder on a huge scale. I’m all for a bit of punk vibes but under the cloak of a DIY devolution aesthetic you are starving this country’s libaries, and you leave us vulnerable in so many ways to the rich and the criminal rackets. The crony capitalism you practise is a criminal racket itself, just not yet one properly recognised, but that’s a matter of conjecture right now.

Encouraging our public goods to be siphoned out, even to wrecklessly pollute our groundwater for a fast buck. Decreasing the incentive for adapting our energy supply to stop causing the havoc of climate change, decreasing investment in flood defences. Its all very well and good for you Theresa, but you are creating a situation inwhich you are effectively on the first class deck of a sinking ship. You make people desperate, you make our environment rise up against us, and then you condemn anyone against you as the enemy within. I think you may be mistaken and are projecting your misjudgements and treatments you don’t admit to yourself, onto us. You condemned the 2011 riots, when desperated people were incited to take back the streets and they smashed up the streets, as sheer criminality with no underlying social reason. But people were following the Tory example of disrespect.

Worse still you frame genuine dissent to your policies as political-gameplaying trying to stop you ‘getting the job done’. This is severely overstating the claim of you and your team, it feels very authoritarian. In reality we all do that job together, and must deliberate and elaborate and decide on what that job is, together. Its far more than a question of competency, (a test which you fail on, by the way), and backing up the patriotic unity of our land. Don’t try to frame dissent from you as a betrayal of our homeland. We aren’t electing athletes here on merit in a talent competition. We are judging what that merit is, and we have our personal measurements and ideals for that, and that’s something I’m proud of in the UK. That we have achieved that power so that any bad characters in this land may try to lie, cheat and deceive us but we do have the power, if we get our act together, to vote them out in a democratic and ordered revolution without a drop of blood shed. How very British.

All parties are competent enough to, if they win majority public support, pass their budget plans and substantially change the direction of this country.

If you are all about getting on, living well and doing well, why are innocent people who have not yet been given leave to remain by the home office sent to detention centres like Yar’s Wood, ran for profit the public won’t see again by tax-evading Serco and G4S, sometimes ‘detained’ for months and years, without charge or trial. This is a racist, intolerant policy and a crazy investment of public money in doing public damage, and with the revolving door policy its really corporate feudalism, granting these effective private prison contracts operating with extreme prejudice. Its victorian or worse, leveeying the poor to pay for their own suffering and riding out to snatch a few of them by night to make examples of. Its not accountable collective civilised leadership. It absolutely disgusts and horrifies me and I reject it.

Why do you play that racist card making pledges on immigration, as if the problems in the UK like with the housing crisis are about immigration not lack of houses. More land in England is taken up by golf courses that residential space. And we are crammed into overcrowded cities you call cultural hubs, where we spend most of our time commuting as a subservient labour force, and you scrapped the system that gave extra funding to council’s according to the size of their population. And you scrapped funding for youth groups and tied up arts funding in making conformist art pieces for all, basically civic decoration in partnership with big business, not diverse arts to serve the whole community. Why attack the melting pot of cultures and pluralism that isn’t about trespassing and ‘integration’, its about tolerance and community cohesion with culture can thrive, and the good and the bad can be collectively mediated? Why take up UKIP’s worst tactics of scapegoating, prejudice and bullying exceptionalism, dividing and alienating communities against themselves, allowing ghettoes to form, breakdown in community coherency: People’s differences become demonised and alienated by arrogant lies into Us Vs Them, and different languages spoken on our streets become symbols of all that’s wrong in the world rather then a sense that its all part of the common tongue. Aren’t we worth more than that?

Why break up our results-based public services by licencing them to profit-based private monopolies? For example fragmenting the NHS’s single internal market which enable it to barter with phamaceutical companies to keep costs down? In the military its a similar fragmented bidding war of crony capitalists that are a disgrace to free enterprise. If there is a natural disaster or outbreak of disease or enemies intent on world domination, we need our military as a disciplined, proffesional outfit to be fit to serve.

A house divided cannot stand. And right now you must govern for all of us, instead of this majority bullying where if we voted to remain, as you advised, our views can be dismissed, half the country can be dismissed as Remoaners for not voting for something that won, and not being over the moon about it.

Tories make ‘efficiencies’ like they are playing pick up sticks with our country: How many key structures can you remove and sell off to generate some economic activity before it falls apart? Do you ever worry that is the direction you are taking us in?

Why lie, saying again and again that the Conservative Party co-operated fully with the crown prosecution service’s investigation into election spending when its in the public domain how you didn’t? How you delayed and denied. You can always trust a con-artist to lie and be self serving, but why should I have faith you have some justification in your fraud? It is my faith and trust you are asking for.

Why not use our stake as a huge powerful economy to negotiate for a better deal & a better practice from the big banks who we are still bailing out to the tune of billions to this day?

The majority of people feel under siege by today’s establishment and you are one of the ones besieging them, and its not going to be ok if we bow our heads and carry on, capitulating to your idiot blackmail and voting you in.

You say its about the striving, but you inhibit that striving, or you leave us with one option — striving to do each other over and then pretend that’s all fine and it will work itself out, and you frame that as hard-working ‘employment’.

But I am conscious I must communicate with you, appeal to you, not dismiss you out of hand or dehumanise you.

If I condemn you personally as some kind of monster, then I condemn myself. It takes all of us pulling together to succeed.

If you have no answer for me then I can only rely on my better judgement, instinct and assessment. A viewpoint is something that is never perfect, is always subjective and contextual, but I honestly try to improve by listening, by reaching out across the distance and gravity between us, reading and conversing widely, to not make naive ideological assumptions but garner the fruits of theoretical analyses and get involved with the people on the front line and here their stories to genuinely create a better provisional bigger picture.

Honestly I believe the answer to all these questions is because that’s not who you are. We don’t have the same goals or ideals. Very few people have yours. You make a lot of talk worrying about inequality and the BHS boss but really you want to let the rich get richer and you generally support that kind of behaviour. You are the powerful who look out for each other but not anyone you can make a buck off by throwing under the bus. And of course believe you got their on merit, in a survival of the fittest, and you base your worthiness and entitlement on exactly what you’ve got. And you don’t believe its your responsibility to do any good that might mean sticking your neck out. Believe me, there’s nothing fit or elite about you. Your assessment is out of touch, your judgement is deeply wrong, your deeds are foul, and we must intervene to stop you in every way we have a right to do.

I don’t speak on behalf of everyone so wouldn’t call you an enemy of the people, but you are an enemy of me and I think an enemy of all the blessed people who have cottoned on to what you do.

Human life is not meant to be a rat race of backstabbers and fiends, who rig the system so that we are like rats in a barrel with fat rats sitting non top admiring the sunshine and not doing anything about it. Everybody here can’t be that rich. If we were, we’d have less purchasing power to each other because its all relative. Let’s pull together in altruism because its mutually beneficial on a grand scale, its solidarity setting out for better conditions for everyone. We can always listen and improve that common understanding of how to do this and to what end, and we must. But its also true that a good solution today is better than a better solution tomorrow. We will embark on urgent schemes intelligently now, not delay everything desperately needed by trialling and means-testing it into the ground.

Are you familiar with the allegorical economic frugality espousing nursery story of ‘the little red hen’, who asks all the animals to help her make a loaf of bread but none of them do, so she won’t give them any in the end when they are hungry, so they will work next time.

Ronald Reagan weaponised the nursery story in his homely style. But it belongs to all of us, so let’s weaponise it back.

There is some truism to this, we must trust the promise of those who find the seeds that if we plant we may have bread, but it has now gotten out of control, into a land of diminishing returns. Those on benefits are afraid of making the leap because the little red hen has made the minimum wage about the same as the starveling unemployment benefit, so its a big risk to get a job for a few days because it stops you quallifying for your benefit. This keeps people in subservient poverty. Furthermore it angatonises them to low paid workers, who hate that for all the sweat of their brow they aren’t earning more than the unemployed. This divides people. But their real enemy is the whole regime that let it be this way.

Even if you do work for the little red hen, you don’t get your fair share, you get crumbs, just enough to keep you needy for next time, and they amass enough bread to waste it on vanity projects, ugly art and hired goons.

Furthermore, the quallified now do all they can, people are over-quallified and the little red hen has the pick of the punch — there is only so much work to go around. Half the reason people go to university is because GCSEs and college A-Levels aren’t enough to secure work with any prospect of getting on in life tolerably. And there’s not enough skilled work for graduates, and they are saddled with debt.

Finally, and most absurdly, the little red hen looks at this and enjoys her power, the bread she can charge so much for that she can require people endeavour to create wasteful, huge luxury spa vanity endeavours. The only good that can come from them is people getting an education in how wrong they are. The hen enjoys the feeling of entitlement she has over these people reduced to desperation, and declares that next time she’ll use less grain and make a smaller loaf of bread. Stop lying to us about living within our means. We are not one houseworld, we are a community in this country, and a market, worth investing in. Anything we can do, we can afford. We must borrow to invest. PEOPLE ARE STARVING. POVERTY IS A PRISON FULL OF THE INNOCENT. But you deny it. You don’t care if nurses and police are going to food banks. This is the stultifying, anti-enterprise, anti-free living, regressive reality of austerity.

But how about this:

All together now! When the public wakes up, when the public looks after itself as a civil society, twoz ever thus.

Now I know too much socialist central planning is similarly stultifying and illiberal, and if we aren’t seriously results-based in our common endeavour we build up problems for ourselves, but if free enterprise is living wild as the wolf in the realm of commodities and personal projects, with profit as our binding bottom line, why have you let the wolf in at the door? This is burglary. To eat up our pensions, pawn our family silver, play pick-up-sticks with the services of our homeland, seeing how many you can remove before things fall apart and you can put the boot in, take apart the roof while the sun is shining and hive it off to your mates, and then you have the nerve to talk about economic responsibility. Forgive them lord, for they know not what they do. What have you ever experienced of the struggle of life? You have a privelidged start in life. By the luck of your birth and the silver spoon slipped into your mouth and the plentitude of capital you legally started with, you were always pretty far from homelessness. You’d have to be a complete twit to gamble it all away. But that doesn’t mean that everyone homeless is a twit. This is a grossly harmful assumption I see all the time.

Seriously, like a drunk driver who insists its all fine as you mow down cats and pedestrians, left to your own devices you will do more damange and finally crash this car, this land, into total catastrophe, and I can’t sit idly by and let that happen.

The Tories’ ongoing attempt to completely dominate politics after their own image, and destroy Labour forever under Thatcher and now, feels to me like deep treachery. That’s why I condemn you. You are out of control and need to be out, away from the pressure of public life, convalescing, reflecting on what you’ve done and atoning for it. You have every right from there to launch platforms based on honestly beheld grievances and aspirations, but right now you have absolutely got to quit being the highest authority in the land. We’ve caught you red handed, bang to rights, we must apprehend you now.

But that’s just my opinion, just one of these plebs, don’t worry about it.