Y2 Dynamic Web: Analyse your favourite app in terms of interface, data and logic.

Analysing the app Uber:

  • What input does the app require from you?

Firstly, to use the app you need to set up a profile of your basic information like your name, as well as your payment details so that requesting a ride is paid for in advance. Users then have to input their choice of location to travel to, as well as one of the cars that Uber offer, with some being a more premium choice than others.

  • Where does the app’s data come from? Who creates it?

The app uses Google Maps in order for customers to track where their driver is. They can also see how long left they have of their journey while they are en route. Drivers also submit their own information into the app like car details and their name.

  • What does the app do with that data (ie what’s the app logic)?

Once customers put in the location they want to travel to, the app sends an alert to nearby drivers who can pick up the request. The data that the driver have put in will then show up for the customer.

  • What output does the app produce?

The output is a pick-up from a local driver that gets them quick business, and gets the users from one location to another.

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