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Hello Friends!

📣 W12 Team would like to present iTrue that will launch its Token Sale on our platform in November.

iTrue is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution that features a built-in authentication system with biometrics as its core microservice. Companies and developers can use the platform to authenticate their users, to build their own blockchain network, and to earn rewards from a fair exchange of data. Users can use the platform to conveniently and securely get authenticated, control how their data is used, and earn by sharing their personal data in a controlled manner.

iTrue wants to give users control of their own data back from big tech firms. Your Face Pass is the key to your data.

Business and individual users can earn rewards for participating in the data economy and decentralized app marketplace.

Why is it important?

Users are concerned about how businesses are using their data — fintechs and online services may be collecting, using, and selling personal data for their own profit.

👉Link to the iTrue project: https://w12.io/project-card/itrue/

👉Please find a detailed presentation here: https://itrue.io/files/iTrueOnePager.pdf

👉Project’s video: https://clck.ru/EfJsQ