Keeping Pets

Nowadays, more and more people like to keep pets, such as the dogs, cats and so on. People keep pets as their families, the relationship they build is deep. Pet is really cute, before we raise a pet, we must think about the advantages and disadvantages and then make the wise choice.

Keeping a pet has many advantages. People can have the pet as their families, they can have someone accompany. It is said that some people feel lonely to live alone, then a pet can drive away the loneliness. What’s more, raising a pet can cultivate a person’s sense of responsibility, because he has to take care of the pet very carefully.

There are also disadvantages. It takes time to take care of the pet, like to feed and wash the pet. The most difficulty thing is to deal with the shit. The one who likes to keep clean is not suitable to have a pet. What’s more, some pets may bite people and brings threat to people’s health.

Keeping a pet is not easy, once we have a pet, we must take care of it very carefully.